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Welcome, I am Dave Wilson, Owner of Amazing Glaze of Middle Tennessee. Remodeling your bath and kitchen can be the two most expensive rooms in your house. Thousands can be spent remodeling these rooms, and living conditions during the demolition and construction can be very stressful on an individual or family. My goal at Amazing Glaze is to save you money and eleviate this stress! Call me at Amazing Glaze of Murfreesboro, TN and let me help you with your next project.

Amazing Glaze provides expert bathtub repair, sink repair and refinishing services. You can rely on us to provide you with quality workmanship at competitive rates.

At Amazing Glaze, we offer friendly customer service and top craftsmanship to ensure that your home reglazing project goes smoothly. We work with all types of materials including:

• Porcelain
                               • Fiberglass
                               • Cultured marble
                               • Acrylics
                               • Plastics

We specialize in:
• Bathtub Reglazing & Repair
                               • Sink Cutouts
                               • Fiberglass Repair
                               • Tile Glazing
                               • Countertop Resurfacing
                               • Shower Reglazing

Why Use Amazing Glaze!
It saves time!

Most jobs are
completed in a day or less.
  It saves you money!

You can save over 70%, versus reconstruction.
  Less Mess!

No demolition, no construction zone to
live in. Rarely will it disrupt your daily routine.

Very Durable!

The industry standard for Bathtub Resurfacing is a 5 year warranty for workmanship, but with proper care,
resurfacing can last 2-3 times that long. Making it as strong as or even stronger than the original surface.
Before & After
This is a soap dish that was broken and faded out, and no tile was removed to repair and reglaze.

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